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Episode 23

When Your Team Thrives Your Business Thrives

"I really wanted to make it a culture in this company where the people that work here loved it. They love the team. They love being in, we have really good camaraderie, and there's a lot to look forward to when you come to work. And it's not always fun and games, but they work hard. It's a really good environment and I'm pretty proud of that because I think that's one of my main goals in being in business is to really create that culture." Josh Cunningham - All Outside 

Josh and his wife Lyndall have built All Outside, based in regional NSW, into a thriving business on the back of building a culture where the people want to be there. From the outset, and even when times where very tough in the early years, Josh was committed to creating a culture that looked after the team.

Hear how Josh works on the culture daily to maintain 'The Way We Do It Here'. Starting with one casual to now have a team of 14, Josh has built his success on the back of his mantra 'the team are the most important asset' and 'we're only as good as our people'. If you are looking to attract and retain great people then you need to focus on enabling your team to thrive. When your team thrives your business is going to thrive.

Episode 22

Stop the Excuses and Trust the Process

"I was looking at all these new different things and had all these great ideas. But I wasn't actually applying myself to doing the actual hard work to get it right. I was just skimming the surface on things and then getting frustrated because it wasn't working. And that frustration carried onto the team." Markus Mueller - Outdoor Solutions Queensland

Growing to $3 million turnover by 2020, having started the business In 2010, Markus was frustrated and stressed. The business was losing money, positive change was needed, however Markus made excuses as to why the business wasn't improving. He was distracted, lacking the focus and discipline to implement our 'Success Habits' process required to turn the business around.

Fast track to 2023 Markus is now 100% committed to trusting the process, the excuses have been dropped, replaced with 'inch wide mile deep' focus. Drawing confidence and belief from the Cube Performance Community of like minded business owners, Markus has removed all distractions in order to be great at implementing the 'Success Habits'. From a less is more approach, Markus has reduced clients and turnover, however increased productivity, profit and importantly more fun.

Episode 21

If It Was Easy Everyone Would Do It

"We were lost on our numbers, weekends weren't weekends, working Saturday, Sunday, just crazy hours. I was probably looking for an early heart attack, to be honest, just in terms of those crazy stress levels that we were facing every day." Kate & Kieran Moriarty - KPM Plumbing

In 2014 Kate and Kieran started with $100, then they slogged it out for the next six years, in the 'tradie mindset' of being busy saying yes to everyone. Working long hours, no holidays, highly stressed, with limited financial rewards, all of which placed pressure on Kate and Kieran's relationship.

Fast track to 2020 when Kate & Kieran knew they needed to make drastic changes and reached out for support, joining our 'Power Up Coaching Program'. Implementing our processes, getting pushed out of their comfort zone, building team culture, and a focus on 'A-Class' clients. The result, a thriving $3 million business, a thriving family life, and the purchase of their dream property, all of which they never previously thought possible.

Episode 20

How to Turn Your Business Around

"You taught me to change my mindset to work 'ON' the business continually. This is not a quick fix, but a continual process to make it better with better systems. Previously I was never given the knowledge how to operate a business how it should be run." Matt Lowlett - Endless Landscapes

This is an inspirational story of Matty Lowlett, from Endless Pools and Landscapes, who has been on a rollercoaster journey like most business owners. Nothing goes in a straight line from a business perspective, there are always ups and downs. Matty is now being rewarded with great success, having turned around his business over the past 12 months, on the back of his dedicated focus implementing his 'success habits' that has delivered high productivity and profitability.

This episode is packed full of great reminders for all business owners who want to build a business that serves them to deliver time and money. You must focus on 'A-Class' clients only, you must show that you care for your team, and you must get educated on your financial numbers. Success comes down to one word - FOCUS!

Episode 19

Mental Wellness Prescription - An Intentional Investment

"You have to be vulnerable because without being that, without being vulnerable, without putting yourself forward, you're never going to build connection with your team. When you put yourself forward and you're vulnerable and you have the courage to say, you know, today is really a shit day for me, you're actually owning it. And we can't be happy and positive all the time that's not the way that we're wired." Danielle Buckley - Coaching Psychologist

Given the past very challenging 2 years we have all faced this is a fantastic episode for all business owners, tradies, apprentices, and parents. Danielle is an Australian Registered and Coaching Psychologist, who uses the science of psychology to improve the way people experience life at home, at work and all the places in between. For almost 20 years Danielle has helped both individuals and organisations, including working with trade apprentices, to invest in 'mental wellness prescription strategies' that provide the tools and techniques to flourish. Danielle passionately advocates everyone to intentionally invest in their mental health to create high levels of well-being.

Episode 18

Power of Prioritizing Apprentices - Fast Tracking Skills

"We have this belief that for every apprentice that comes through they will be better than the last one because the bar just keeps getting set higher and higher, and the performance gets better and better. Our apprentices are pushing the training and their learnings are just off the charts." Peter Hill - Hills Electrical

This episode is a blueprint for how Tradie business owners can 'WIN THE WAR ON TALENT'. Across Australia there is a shortage of quality tradesman and this is only going to get worse. To ensure your business stays ahead of the pack you MUST maintain your capacity to deliver high quality work consistently. Peter Hill, from Hills Electrical, shares how 'building talented tradesman from within' starts with investing time training and coaching apprentices to build their skill base, and importantly grow their confidence. It is very exciting to hear how Peter has developed 2nd year apprentices who can deliver output to the level of a quality tradesman. This is a must listen episode.

Episode 17

Stop Working at Night - Get Off the Tools

"I thought the more I was on the tools the more cash I would have. I was doing all the admin from 7 to 10 at night, and everything was done very poorly. I would be wired so I couldn't switch off to get to sleep because I would be thinking about what I have just been doing for the past 3 hours." Jason Hobson - Perth Air & Power Solutions

Starting Perth Air & Power Solutions in 2014, Jason Hobson quickly got into the cycle of working all day on the tools and then working all night doing the admin work. As the team grew to 5, so to did the stress along with working longer hours. Jason was rushing to complete quotes and invoicing, combined with poor planning and poor communication with his team, resulted in lots of mistakes and lots of lost money. Since making the commitment to transition off the tools in early 2021, this has delivered increased profit, increased productivity, and most importantly an increased quality of lifestyle with his young family.

Episode 16

How to Go Away for 4 Weeks with NO Calls

"I have changed my mindset and I am enjoying being a coach for the team onsite, rather than being the boss onsite. Often I will say I am the apprentice now and ask the team what do you want me to do, which gets the apprentices to think about the job differently which has created a big advantage for their skill development." Brenton Neville - Brenton Neville Plumbing

Brenton & Tanya Neville commenced Brenton Neville Plumbing in 2012, based in Atherton near Cairns. Struggling through the first 3 years, 5 years, 8 years of operating the business where cash was always tight, working long hours, and significantly NOT being able to go away on a 'stress free' holiday. Being enslaved to the job, something had to change. This started with a change in mindset towards how the team needed to be treated in terms of training and coaching. Over the past 12 to 18 months Brenton has invested time, energy and money into training, coaching and empowering the entire team. The RESULT - 4 weeks 'stress free' holiday, no calls, clients happy, record sales and profit quarter! 

Episode 15
Get Your Admin Right to Unlock Profit and Life

"Taking the time to set up the processes for our new admin manager role was critical for success. Audrey has now taken all the admin tasks load, the team appreciate the business is now running smoother, and I can now be proactive in managing the business. It has made a world of difference, it has provided me with great confidence for the future and given me my life back." Byron O'Reilly - Premier Gas & Plumbing

Byron O'Reilly, who is based in Adelaide, started Premier Gas & Plumbing in early 2019. Typical of a new 'tradie business owner', he quickly became very busy, saying yes to all work, working long hours, limited family time, and no cash in the bank. However, NOT typical of a tradie business owner, Byron quickly realised he needed coaching and support if he was to build a profitable, sustainable business that can operate without him. With business quickly growing to over $1million, Byron understood the critical importance of hiring an Administration Manager to run the office. Before hiring, Byron invested 6 months into defining the role, setting up processes, and outlining a detailed induction plan. 'Hiring Slow' ensured the right person; Audrey; was hired for the role, and a detailed training and support process guaranteed Audrey thrived in the role. The reward? Byron has time to invest in the team and 'A-Class' clients, resulting in a 165% increase in Operating Profit!

Episode 14 
Why Cutting Clients Helps Grow Your Business

"It's been great. The boys know that we no longer do residential or commercial building, it's just the commercial maintenance. They know where they're going and it's slowed down, everything is a lot slower. We've got more time to concentrate on what we're doing and they're loving it. The focus has completely changed improving client satisfaction resulting in a 500% increase in reviews."  Paul Wilkinson - PBR Plumbing

In early 2020 Paul Wilkinson, who has operated his business PBR Plumbing for 15years, was at a stage where he was uncertain about the future of the business. He was unsure what steps to take that will allow him more time to invest 'ON' the business that would ultimately assist in delivering greater financial reward. He wanted to give it one last chance before potential closure. Paul has made some tough decisions by cutting clients, focusing on his 'A-Class' clients and investing in his team. The result - 500% increase in reviews, 5 times increase in work orders from existing clients, and increase in 'A-Class' quality referrals.

Episode 13 
Leading Ladies - Making Business and Marriage a Success

This is a great episode for any husband and wife team looking to escape the constant struggles of balancing managing a business and a family. In this episode, our inaugural 'Leading Ladies', we speak with 3 determined business women who along with their husbands have successfully turned around their business, and more importantly their lives.

Kylie (Brizscapes Landscaping), Hailley (Laurence Plumbing Group, and Lyndall (All Outside Landscaping) share their previous frustrations and problems with trying to work on the 'same page' with their husbands. Consistent problems included always working, poor quality family life, managing the office was not a priority, cash flow struggles, feeling there is no way out, and so on.

Learn the strategies, processes, and habits that build confidence and control for business owners 'guaranteed' to deliver financial and personal rewards.

Episode 12 
BEWARE Growing Broke - Why Less is More

"We grew the business into new areas and we were heavily focussed on revenue, however there was no structure in our costs, we weren't focusing on our gross profit margins. We were driving the business with no control. It was like being on wheel of fortune, spinning the wheel and hoping for the best." Craig Markham - Fit Services

Craig and his partners grew Fit Services rapidly. Expanding into new geographical regions, with new partners, with new clients, and reaching $9 million dollars revenue. All with no financial knowledge. The reality check came when we correctly reported the financials, highlighting the fact the business was actually losing money and owing the ATO. Craig's story is a common one. The classic 'Growing Broke'. Sales, revenue, clients going north, while at the same time profit and cash go south. Full credit to Craig's persistence, belief, and awareness in making the tough calls to turn the business around. Keys were 'focusing on the numbers' and 'less is more'.

Episode 11 
Core Success Habits - Don't Get Distracted

"After we achieved our 5 year goals we stopped focussing on the success habits that got us there. We started getting distracted by new shiny objects and as a result the business quickly nose dived. Once we got back to implementing our core success habits our revenue and profit is now the best it has ever been." Peter Hill - Hills Electrical

In 2013, 5 years after taking over the family business, Peter Hill was fried. He was burnt out working himself into the ground to the point where he didn't want to go back to work. He had to make serious change. In 2014 Peter engaged Cube Performance to implement the 'Core Success Habits', that ultimately resulted in Peter achieving his 5 year family and business goals. Then, however, in 2019 Peter got distracted and started to neglect his core fundamental success habits. Revenue and profit plummeted, stress and frustration increased. With a kick up the bum and renewed focus on the core success habits Peter and his team delivered record revenue and operating profit in 2020.

Episode 10 
Sink or Swim - Time to Lead

"When Dad who founded and managed the business was diagnosed with terminal cancer it forced us to reevaluate everything. Myself along with my brothers agreed to continue running the business while Dad was going through treatment." Corey King - SJM Plumbing Services

Corey King was thrown into the deep end when he was required to step up and manage the family business when his father was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2016, Corey and his three brothers had the choice to sink or swim in taking over the reins of the business. Hear how Corey struggled with the transition from 'tradie' working onsite to the 'leader' managing from the office. With drive and dedication he is now leading a multi million dollar business with a great team that delivers great profitability. 

Episode 9 
Resilience & Belief - The Journey of a Business Owner

"I ended up working huge hours for very little money. It all came to a head after 5 years when my 3 year old said Mummy when is Daddy going to have time for me. It was at that point in my life that something had to change. This is not what I signed up for." William Sawers - Plumbing Solutions

William Sawers has been operating Plumbing Solutions in Adelaide for the past 15 years. Will's journey has been one of resilience and determination, from building up the business with large teams and lots of customers to then scaling back down to just himself, and then building up the business again now with the correct 'Success HABITS' and support in place. Will really struggled for a long time to create a successful business. Now with the right habits, processes and support in place Will is confidently building a business that serves him to deliver his family goals.

Episode 8 
From Breaking Point to Happy Family

"I didn't want to be the Dad that was never there for my kids. It was a personal wake up call to make positive change within the business in order to turn our lives around."  Nathan Kent - Laurence Plumbing Group

Nathan & Hailley Kent started Laurence Plumbing Group in 2012, the same year they got married. After the initial honeymoon period post starting the business, the ongoing stress and uncertainty of operating a business placed great strain on their relationship. Hear how the family went from breaking point, with Nathan working long hours not at home and with Hailley constantly putting out fires trying to manage with no cash in the bank, to now having quality family time and great cash flow. For family operated business this podcast highlights the importance of getting your priorities in the right order.

Episode 7 
Transformation into a Million Dollar Business

“We were slogging it out for 12 years, working long hours and thinking why don't we have any money in the bank. Got sick of being under constant stress with no reward.” Malcolm Van De Graaff - Brizscapes Landscaping

Having started Brizscapes Landscaping in 2007, husband and wife team, Malcolm and Kylie Van De Graaff quickly found themselves in a struggle to stay ahead week to week, not knowing what the future held. After 12 years, with the constant stress, long hours, and no work life balance, something had to change.

Hear how Malcolm and Kylie were determined to make the necessary changes to turnaround their business fortunes. There are plenty of great take aways for all business owners looking to transform their business.

Episode 6 
The Power of Innovation and Delegation

“The power of delegation - my business partner and I both believe that by surrounding yourself with good people it enables you to do what you do best.”  Bill Alexiou-Hucker

Bill Alexiou-Hucker is an accomplished businessman, having successfully founded and operated numerous businesses. In this podcast Bill shares his passion for innovation and research, that has allowed his businesses to stay ahead of the competition. This is an awesome episode full of tips that will help every business owner build a profitable business 

Episode 5 

How To Stand Out From The Crowd In Your Industry

“In my experience is it’s not hard work people are afraid of, they’re just sick and tired of hard work for no progress.” Glen Carlson

Glen Carlson is the co-founder of Dent Global, who are best known for their ‘Key Person of Influence’ business brand accelerator program. Glen has assisted over 3,000 business owners to define their passion to stand out from the crowd & provides awesome insights how to build a profitable, leveraged business. Glen shares great success stories, tips, and must do’s for those business owners looking to make positive change in their business, and most importantly their lives.

Episode 4 

The Importance of Saying ‘NO’ – Why Pleasing Everyone Will Send You Broke!

“We were getting drunk on sales. We had all these guys working, we were super busy, there can’t be any problems. Then one day we couldn’t pay the bills. Why couldn’t we pay the bills?” Renee Walker - Grant Walker Electrical

Grant & Renee Walker, owners of Grant Walker Electrical have operated their business for the past 18 years and provide key learnings and tips that are applicable to all business owners. From making the mistake thinking that by being busy all the time they must be getting ahead financially, through to understanding the importance of putting processes in place to be able to work ‘ON’ the business.

Episode 3 
Success Leaves Clues – What The Reece Group Can Teach ALL Business Owners

“Those that are coming in at entry level get to see the leaders putting pipe away. They’re sweeping the floors. They’re emptying rubbish bins. It doesn’t matter your position. You can do all of the 1%’ers.” Mark Young

Mark Young and Craig Smith, the Reece Groups NSW leaders discuss what made the Reece Group the dominate market powerhouse it is today. This is a must listen for any business leader who is looking to improve the overall performance of their business. Mark & Craig share key insights into what makes Reece tick, all of which are transferrable to any business and any industry. This episode is jam packed full of tips that can be implemented immediately.

Episode 2 
The Power of the ‘GAP’ in Communication – Improve Relationships, Projects & Profitability

“Going home the day that you’ve been told that you could potentially lose your house is probably one of, it’s not the worst time, but it’s definitely one of those times that is like getting hit in the face with a brick.” Mick Slatter

Mick Slatter shares his inspirational story, from the depths of depression while operating his tradie business in the early 2000’s when he was about to lose his house, to now educating and teaching tradies how to reduce risk within their business.

Episode 1 
How tradies can attract more ‘A-Class’ clients online

 “If you’re that type of person that thinks, they’re a shit customer. This guy’s a shit employee. The projects I keep getting are shit. The problem is not them. The problem is you. Look in the mirror.” Matt Jones

Matt Jones, former tradie, owner of Tradie Web Guys and The Site Shed podcasts helps tradie business owners to improve their performance through improved marketing and processes.

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