• As a tradie business owner do you feel the harder you work the less profit you make and less time you have?
  • Do you want to build a business that can earn more and have you working less?
  • Do you find it easier to do the job instead of working on the business?

Finally, a book demystifying business to provide tradies with a highly profitable and proven ‘Blueprint for Success’ four-stage framework. Power Up Your Tradie Business identifies the common mistakes that are enslaving business owners to the job, and learn step by step how to create a business that works for the owner delivering personal wealth while providing a lifestyle of choice.

Step By Step Process

Power Up Your Tradie Business uses a step-by-step process to show you how to achieve success through:

Stage 1


Defining who you are, the profit and lifestyle you want, and how to get there.

Stage 2


Measure profit performance drivers that will guarantee results.

Stage 3


Make educated decisions to attract great clients and great talent.

Stage 4


Attract great opportunities to power up performance.

Hear what our readers have to say

Changed My Life

"Absolutely loved the book. It has changed my life."

Nathan Hume


“I found the book very relatable having made many of the same mistakes Matthew outlined. I have shared the book amongst my peers.”

Guthrie Clark

Great Book

"The book was great, once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down. It has made me excited for the future of my business."

Marc Leake

Easy To Understand

“I finished reading Power Up Your Tradie Business and must say it was a great read. Matthew has done a great job at packing all the info from hundreds of reading hours I have done with different books on business and rolling it into one. It is the perfect book and easy read for your typical tradie looking to grow their business and take control of their time."

Blake Smith

Valuable Information

“I read Matthews book Power Up Your Tradie Business after attending one of his business training sessions. The information, insights, tips, and tools I received from the book was more valuable to me than a $10,000 course I did with another coach. I recommend this book for any business owner wanting to improve their personal and business performance."

Adam Hasanovic

Useful For All Businesses

"Matthew’s view on mindset is the single most important aspect of getting the results we want (and need). After reading Power Up I knew it was time to review how we operate. Page 64 of the book resonated with me and is the reason so many of us fail to meet our goals. The book provided useful content for start-ups through to established business. We have a long way to go but as Matthew mentions, this is a long game, and it will take time. There is no magic wands or short cuts.”

Adam Merenda

Read Again & Again

“The book is great. I re-read it over the holidays. Every time I read a chapter I find something else. It is like Matthew has a crystal ball and can read inside my head. The stats from other business owners gives me great comfort knowing that I am not alone.”

Tim Fisher

I Loved It

"I have just read Matthew Jones’ book ‘Power Up Your Tradie Business’.  I loved it!  It is a great read and a fantastic resource that I will refer to each month to cement certain aspects and deliver it in my business. One of my major issues has been attracting the right staff.  Now that I am attracting the right people I am getting my staff to read the book so that they know what we are about, what we are trying to achieve and are all singing from the same hymn book!"

Richard Jefford

A Real Game Changer

"I have been reading Power Up Your Tradie Business and loving it! A real game changer for business owners."

Markus Mueller

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 Book by a business performance expert, demystifying business to provide tradies with a highly profitable and proven Blueprint for Success.

Power Up Your Tradie Business


Matthew Jones is a tradie, author, and owner of Cube Performance business coaching. With a unique, 25-year business career – Matthew is the authority at helping tradie business owners, having trained and coached over 5,000 businesses to earn more, work less, to achieve a great life.

Contact Matthew - matt@cubeperformance.com.au


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